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The personal finance and money management market provides an overview of the recent trends in the US market. It talks about the disruptions happening in the financial services across major segments, including banking, investment management, and insurance. It profiles 21 PFM companies such as Moven, Simple, Mint, LearnVest, Level Money, digit, Betterment and SigFig, spanning five key areas in terms of functionality and services based on an analysis of consumer trends and preferences on areas US consumers most value and seek in their financial lives. The 5 areas are

  1. Income and spending analysis including cash flow
  2. Budget and goal setting
  3. Financial account aggregation
  4. Investment portfolio and
  5. Financial advice

In the report, the players are further identified into four categories (Mobile Banking, Personal Finance, Personal Investing, Wealth Management) based on the US mobile financial services market that are targeting specific functionality to US consumers, providing digital capabilities online or via mobile devices or both.

According to the research, the total investments made in the four categories for years 2013 through 2015 is ~ $ 681.6 million.


The report also analyses and categorizes the private wealth management market on the basis of three tiers of investors:

  • Ultra high net worth (>$30 million)
  • Mid-tier millionaires (between $5 and $30 million) and 
  • Average (between $1 and $5 million).


Key questions answered by the report:

1. What is the value chain of US mobile financial services?

2. Who are the market players in the personal finance and money management market?

3. What is the US market size of personal finance and money management market?

4. What are the US customer trends in personal finance and money management market?

Table of contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Value Chain Analysis
  3. Market Size
  4. Market Players
  5. Consumer Trends
  6. Market Investments
  7. Technology Trends
  8. Summary
  9. Company Profiles