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US Asset Management Industry - Digital Paving the Next Phase of Growth My Research Items

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Publish date: 6 Mar, 2016
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The asset management industry has witnessed continued growth over the past decade. Various research
houses suggest the global asset management industry’s size to be at ~$76 trillion in 2015. This represents a
growth of ~$32 trillion from 2005 where the global AUM is estimated to be around $44 trillion. Asset
management has opened up various innovative investment instruments that cater to the requirements of
different segments. Also, asset management firms had focused on providing training to the sales staff to enable
them to increase sales efficiency and also increase customer satisfaction. The growth in disposable income,
increased customer awareness, better-equipped sales force, the firm’s ability to identify and meet customer
demands, and innovative solutions can be considered as the drivers for the asset management industry in the
past decade. However, growth has slowed in the past couple of years and is expected to be in the lower single
digit for the coming few years.


The Strategic Insight on US Financial Asset Management industry provides an overview of the major tech innovations in asset management, the established players focus areas within digital and a snapshot of the multiple startups in the US Asset Management Segment.



Note: Strategic Insights are long form articles written by MEDICI analysts about a specific FinTech topic, trend, region, news category or industry segment. Insights are collected via direct interaction and dialogue with industry players and thought leaders. Strategic insights can be integrated with the related Segment Snapshot, Research Report or Infographic for a more detailed analysis.