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UK Online Alternative Finance Market: A Five-Page Quick Summary My Research Items

Online alternative finance covers a variety of new financing models which have emerged outside of the traditional financial system that connect fundraisers directly with funders often via online platforms or websites. The UK market is growing rapidly, and has more than doubled in size year on year from £666 million in 2013 to £3.2 billion in 2015. The report talks about UK's alternative finance market, different online alternative finance models, market size of the industry, key players in the market, market and technology trends and government regulations.


Table of Contents:

1. Industry Overview

2. Market Size

3. Key Players

4. Latest Market and Technology Trends

5. Regulations



Note: A Segment Snapshot is a crisp analysis (3-5 pages) of specific FinTech segment or a specific region. Every snapshot is divided into different sections: segment definition, market sizing, and growth trends, main players in the industry, business trends, consumer trends and legal trends.