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Trends & Insights into Various Methods of Biometric Authentication for Payments My Research Items

Payment fraud rates continue to rise. For years, passwords have been the most widely used tools to protect data and systems. As technology has evolved to a greater extent in recent times, it has been found that passwords can be easily broken. LTP has evaluated more than hundred companies providing biometric authentication that are being experimented or being currently used for enhancing payment security. This report provides an analysis of payment market and biometric market trends.  Biometrics is expanding to the retail and consumer market to address problems with PIN and password authentication. The report provides detailed analysis of payments market trends, biometric market trends, detailed information for various biometric modalities in use in the market.

Table of contents
  1. Report Summary
  2. Payment Market Trends
  3. Biometrics Market Trends
  4. Biometric Modalities
    • Fingerprint
    • Vein Pattern Recognition (VPR)
    • Eye Recognition
    • Voice Recognition
    • Facial Recognition