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Report on Analytics Talent Pool (Focus - US) My Research Items

Analytics is one of the fastes growing technology trends in 2015 and its momentum is continuing to build. The Internet of Things will continue togrow rapidly with Analytics tools and techniques for dealing with the massive amount of structured and unstructured data.  Many of the innovations─in data storage, data management and business intelligence software (BI) for analytics─have been powered by demand and investments from the business in analytics. There is huge gap between demand and supply of analytics talent pool US. The LTP report on 'Analytics Talent Pool US' gives an overview of Analytics talent supply and demand forecast, Analytics talent pool split by skills and Analytics talent pool split by segments in the US.


Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Analytics Talent Pool in the US

2. Analytics Talent Supply and Demand Forecast

3. Analytics Talent Pool in US split by Region

4. Analytics Talent Pool in US split by Skill

5. Analytics Talent Pool in US split by Segment



Note: A Segment Snapshot is a crisp analysis (3-5 pages) of specific FinTech segment or a specific region. Every snapshot is divided into different sections: segment definition, market sizing, and growth trends, main players in the industry, business trends, consumer trends and legal trends.