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MEDICI’s signature report “RegTech – A Triple Bottom Line Opportunity” provides a deep-dive analysis of Regulatory Technology or RegTech, a critical segment of innovation in the financial services industry. In this report, we explore the increasing need for technologically enabled solutions in an environment of rapidly growing body of regulations governing bank activity and increased cost of compliance.


In this report, we look at the benefit of RegTech beyond simply cost savings, specific problem areas, challenges involved in implementing these solutions, emergence of SupTech as a breakout segment, supervisor's role in RegTech innovation, and the adoption strategy for banks and FIs.

RegTech: A Triple Bottom Line Opportunity

Table of contents
  • Introducing RegTech
  • Need for RegTech
  • Key Problem Statements
  • Enabling Technologies
  • Benefits of RegTech Solutions
  • Challenges to Adopting RegTech Solutions
  • Solution to These Challenges
  • Supervisors’ Role
  • Use Cases
  • RegTech Segments – Current Trends
  • Success Stories – RegTech Implementations
  • SupTech – The New Breakout Segment
  • RegTech Adoption Strategy
  • The ROI Approach
  • Horizon Gazing
  • Appendix