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Open Banking: The PSD2 Innovation My Research Items

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Publish date: 3 Apr, 2018
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The banking ecosystem has evolved over time. The implementation of revised payment service directive (PSD2) in EU and the open banking mandate for nine large UK banks by CMA is a major step towards the comprehensive transformation of the way banking has been done over the years. MEDICI’s Open Banking report outlines the basic concepts and frameworks of open banking while shedding some light on the key opportunities and challenges for banks and financial institutions. 

Table of contents
  • Introduction to PSD2
  • PSD2 And Open Banking – Key Underlying Principles
  • A Shadowed Beginning
  • Open Banking Implementation
  • The Progress So Far
  • Newer Business Models
  • Potential Impacts
  • Threat or Opportunity?
  • Major Themes – Clearing the Air Around Open Banking