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Publish date: 18 Nov, 2015
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Based on intensive study and research on the financial and non-financial use cases of blockchain, LTP has come up with the Blockchain Momentum Infographic that depicts various segments under blockchain implementation that are growing exponentially or lagging behind.


LTP’s momentum infographic highlights the progress of segments that are making extensive use of blockchain technology to develop advanced solutions. The infographic helps readers understand the disruption that blockchain technology is creating into financial and non-financial segments.


For example, Remittance is one of the financial segments where companies are interested in using blockchain to perform faster remittances and reduce the cost of sending remittance at the same time. The trading platform is another such segment where investors are optimistic about the use of blockchain. On the other hand, in the non-financial domain, there are a few segments that investors and large conglomerates are eyeing. Smart contracts is one segment where investors are betting.


The following key insights have been taken into consideration for the Blockchain Momentum Infographic:
- The opinions of investors
- The companies (startups and unicorns) that are operating in each segment
- The deals and partnerships that investors have struck
- The funding raised by the companies



Note: Infographics are rich visual representations of information and data intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. An Infographic is a structured outcome of the primary and secondary research conducted by MEDICI analysts in more than 30 FinTech segments. Infographics can be integrated with the corresponding Segment Snapshot, Research Report and Strategic Insight for a more detailed analysis.