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FinTech Outlook 2017 – Focus on Payments, Remittance and Blockchain My Research Items

Fintech outlook report
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Publish date: 23 Oct, 2016
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This paper is intended for readers who want to better understand the dramatic changes that have begun to take place—and that are accelerating—in the global FinTech landscape. The payments industry which is one of the focus areas of this report has never been more exciting. The pace of innovation has been shaken the banks (although not dramatically as some media claims), but they have realized that they need to keep the customer at the center as they go forward and meet her/his needs first. This would also mean that the infrastructure supporting the payments industry—which has never been touched upon—has to be transformed. FinTech players have also given an opportunity to banks to venture where it was prohibitively costly to venture. With the trust of customers and data available, the banks can take advantage of FinTech disruption and convert it to an opportunity either through collaboration and/or through becoming very customer-focused or recalibrating their business models.


  • Synopsis
  • A Primer: The Current State of the FS Industry and Key Segments
  • Which Constellation?: The Emerging Technology and Market Forces
  • Snapshot of 2017
  • Incumbents and Startups: Opportunities & Challenges
  • A Game Theory View of Winners and the Residual Forces of Cooperation
  • Takeaways