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Blockchain For Banks and FinTech (Airing again on June 28, 2016 @ 10AM UK Time) My Research Items


This LTP digital workshop is specially designed for innovators and strategists who
are exploring blockchain applications for banks. Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital
Asset Holdings said in a conference recently that “taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach
to the technology, certain financial providers run the risk of being left behind”.
Banks should pay attention to what she said that “There’s the fact that there are
entire business models that have the risk of being disinter-mediated if a competitor
of yours manages to take full advantage of this technology before you’ve fully
appreciated or deployed it.”

So join us in this workshop as we take another deep look at Blockchain and what it
means to banks with a multi-disciplinary panel of workshop conductors. It will cover
various opportunities and challenges that banks are facing in embracing

Agenda: (Duration: 90 minutes)

Main session will be for 90 minutes and will cover the following 8 points:
1. Decentralized applications and their potential in financial services
2. Distributed ledgers and role of blockchain in building inter-bank transfer
3. Interoperability between blockchain(s) and traditional systems
4. Bitcoin blockchain vs. other blockchains (Who wins and what are the
collaboration efforts?)
5. Blockchain potential in business-to-business banking
6. How should banks go about utilizing the power of blockchain? Joining a
consortium vs. building own system vs. vendor-supplier relationship.
7. Three biggest applications: a. Smart contracts; b. Capital markets; c.
8. Q&A/Queries

The main session will be preceded by a warm-up session to discuss some basics
of blockchain and bitcoin. This additional session will be 30 minutes long.
1. Limitations of bitcoin
2. Bitcoin and blockchain: Can they be separated?
3. Public blockchain vs. private blockchain
4. Blockchain and implication/adoptions in the consumer market



Note: Digital Workshops are web-based seminars or presentations specially designed for innovators and strategists in the broader financial services industry who are exploring new topics and trends in FinTech. These educational sessions are hosted by MEDICI senior analysts with contributions from industry practitioners and domain experts.