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Biometric Authentication of Payments: A Five-Page Quick Summary My Research Items

Biometric authentication
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Publish date: 23 Nov, 2015
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Value Chain for Fraud and Security Companies
Trends & Insights into Various Methods of Biometric Authentication for Payments

The use of biometrics as a form of authentication has seen rapid adoption in recent years. Smartphones providing fingerprint scanning ability could be seen as one of the major factors for this increased adoption. However, there are various other methods that are also being experimented to provide authentication services. The report provides an analysis of various methods used for biometric authentication, major players, a proprietary ranking (LTP9 leaderboard) of players in biometric authentication.


Table of Content:

1. Industry Overview

2. Market Size

3. Market Players

4. Latest trends in Biometric Technology



Note: A Segment Snapshot is a crisp analysis (3-5 pages) of a specific FinTech segment or a specific region. Every snapshot is divided into different sections: segment definition, market sizing and growth trends, main players in the industry, business trends, consumer trends and legal trends.