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Alternative Credit Scoring: Enabling Financial Inclusion of the Underserved My Research Items

Financial inclusion for the underserved, unbanked population has always been one of the biggest challenges for the financial services industry. Now, with the rise of FinTech and new avenues of technological capabilities, this challenge is being looked at as a lucrative opportunity. The global lending players are now using various innovative and non-conventional sources of data, paired with the advanced analytics for assessing the credit worthiness of a loan applicant.

In this research report, we dig deep into the area of Alternative credit scoring, by understanding the data sources and decision parameters involved in the process. We also analyze the 3 major players in this segment, and evaluate their framework.

Table of contents
  • Credit Scoring – An Overview
    • Market Landscape
    • Problem Statement
    • Alternative Data – A Solution
  • Alternative Credit Scoring
    • Types of data sources
    • Opportunities & Challenges
    • Recommendations & Takeaways
  • Evaluation – Alternative Credit Scoring Companies
    • Evaluation framework
    • Kreditech
    • Aire
    • FriendlyScore