MEDICI for Investors and Analysts

MEDICI is the industry’s only FinTech engagement platform that empowers investors with sophisticated tools for contextual, high quality, effective due diligence to improve your knowledge and deal flow.

LTP’s strong domain knowledge of The New Global FinTech powers the MEDICI platform with curated expert analysis on an ongoing basis. MEDICI’s intelligent search & classification is your 'advance scout' as you seek to make precise investments in early stage companies hidden in this dynamic ecosystem.

As an investor, you get to explore the most updated FinTech ecosystem made up of thousands of global startups:

  • Quickly screen through thousands of FinTech companies using domain-specific search criteria

  • See unique investor information for companies with Rocket Profiles

  • Exchange private messages with startups in MEDICI through a secure interface

  • Access detailed company analysis as well as market perspectives from LTP via pre-published sector summaries and value chain analyses

  • Gain additional insights into the startups’ businesses through their company-specific discussion forums

In addition, you always have the LTP team of analysts to keep you updated on the most recent FinTech news and insights for a contextual view of the role your target companies play in The New Global FinTech ecosystem.

Finally, get bespoke information upon request: from quick insights, to custom research, to detailed due diligence. All you need to do is ASK MEDICI at the bottom right of your screen.

Join the MEDICI ecosystem and enjoy an eagle’s eye view to spot your investment targets!