MEDICI for Financial Institutions

MEDICI is the only FinTech engagement platform that provides contextual news and research in FinTech. It is a powerful tool to accelerate your growth strategy through quick identification of target companies for partnership, investment or acquisition.

Our team’s strong domain knowledge, curated expert analysis, and an intelligent search algorithm make MEDICI your trusted knowledge partner in this dynamic ecosystem.

As an enterprise subscriber, you are able to make sense of The New Global FinTech ecosystem via an interactive knowledge portal:

  • Rely on MEDICI’s daily updates, FinTech expertise, and research to help achieve and exdeed your company’s innovation goals.

  • Scan the breadth and depth of the ecosystem with domain-specific search criteria to quickly evaluate segments and companies of interest.

  • Discover and follow Fintech companies, either individually or in clusters, custom or pre-categorized. Exchange private messages with them via MEDICI’s secure, interactive platform.

  • Discuss FinTech companies via their company-specific discussion forums.

Finally, you’ll have access to segment-specific research reports to augment your product and service portfolios with new ideas for business growth. Our analysts and consultants are on call to support you with supplementary research so you can make the most informed decisions. Just ASK MEDICI at the bottom right of your screen.

Join the MEDICI ecosystem to stay on top of the ever-expanding startup landscape, and benefit from the open innovation ecosystem that is taking shape in our industry!